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Have you taken a course on medical billing and want to know if you have certain knowledge that is vital to the medical billing industry? Perhaps you have experience and want to see if your knowledge is up-to-date?  PMRNC is proud to announce we have some great quizzes in our members only area to help you test your knowledge to determine where you might want to focus your continued learning. Take our free quiz below! More quizzes are available in our members only learning center!


Basics of Payments and Adjustments
Test your knowledge!

To take the free quiz, click the Test your knowledge button above.  Your feedback is welcome via the email share link when you complete the quiz to: linda@billerswebsite.com

MORE Test Your Knowledge Quizzes are available in our members only area!

Members only quizzes:


This quiz is meant to test your knowledge about HIPAA and HITECH along with the various functions of covered entities as well as Business Associates.

Coordination of Benefits

Determining patient balance and adjustments. Much of the quiz was derived from the Coordination of Benefits area from within the Learning Center.

Is it Fraud or Abuse

Take this short quiz to see if you can determine the difference between fraud and abuse.

How much do you know about ERISA?  
Take this 20 question quiz to find out how much you know and understand about ERISA.



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