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Q. What are the membership prices?

A. Our membership prices are the lowest of any other resource and/or association. We offer complete, unlimited access to all of our resources in our members area, 24/7! Our one year membership is just $79.99 with a renewal rate of $59.99 so long as you renew prior to your membership expiration date. We also offer a six month membership for just $59.99 so you can test drive our resources and networking opportunities!


Q. What is included with our membership?
A. Complete, 24/7 access to our members only area, free listing within our medical billers listing area, free networking with our members on our social media groups and email group. Discounts are also available to PMRNC members. Download a full member benefit directory here, and take a look at our discount items/services here.


Q. How much money can I expect to make if I start my own medical billing company?

A. That's totally up to you! This is not a get rich quick business by any means. If you are looking at business opportunity packages or vendors that are telling you how much you can expect to make, be sure to look at all facts and statistics behind such statements and know where they have obtained their data. It would also be wise to have some sort of budgeting and/or accounting software (such as Quicken.com) at your disposal. This will allow you to see the "bigger picture" when it comes to your current financial status. Our members only area has a great business startup area to help you with such things as pricing your services, creating a contract and more. In addition we have a full area and guide for marketing a medical billing business. There are also many samples for you to download and customize for your business!


Q. Do I have to be certified?
A. While there is no required certification for medical billers, certification can be beneficial to you in your job search or your medical billing business. Certification also shows potential employers and clients that you have not only dedicated yourself to education, but also shows how much you have retained and learned from that education. PMRNC offers two prominent certifications; our C.H.R.S. (Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist) and C.H.I.S. (Certified HIPAA Information Specialist) not only help show potential employers or clients that knowledge, but help YOU continue to pursue additional continued education units which are required to maintain your certifications. This allows potential employers and clients to see your commitment to continued education in this very fast paced industry.


Q. Do you offer any coaching or mentoring?

A. Yes, we do. For an additional charge we have a coaching package just for you. Whether you need help with your marketing for your medical billing business or you need extra help and support in learning the business, we have  the perfect solution to you. Potential mentee's will complete a profile to allow us to match them to the right mentor! We offer flexible hours with availability during the week, weekends and even holiday's if necessary. Your success is our success!


Q. Will you find me a job or help me find clients for my medical billing business?
No. As with any business or career there is always risk of not finding employment or clients for your business. You must market yourself! Our resources provide you with many tools to help you with this. Our getting started area is full of resources to help you start a business, build your resume and help you navigate the job market. We also have samples of resume's and marketing materials. Members are also welcome to post to our networking groups if they are looking for jobs or need help and support with their medical billing business.


Q.  I am an experienced medical biller or established medical billing company, how will your resources help me?
A.  Whether you are new to medical billing or you are experienced, our resources will help you stay up-to-date and provide you with great networking opportunities. Our various resources include, but are not limited to, continued education on Medicare, specialty billing areas, discounts on services, software and publishing items, coding news, Medicare news, HIPAA and other regulatory updates and information. Download a full directory of our membership benefits.


Q. Does PMRNC have contact with physicians and other healthcare providers?
A. YES! We receive requests for medical billing professionals and consultants all the time! Those healthcare providers that contact us usually do so by viewing our medical billers listing or specialty billers listings. Physicians and other healthcare providers also email us to request referral's. PMRNC will keep a resume or business information on file for such requests. When we receive a request that seems right for you, we email you and give you the information and request permission to submit your resume or business information to them.


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