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What Exactly is the Cloud?

For the Medical Billing Company Diversify your services!

Offshore Remote Outsourcing, NOT WORTH THE RISK!

Medical Billing as a Home Based Business

"It is nothing for one to know something unless another knows you know it". The concept behind certifications.

Understanding the Medical Billing Industry

Home Office Tax Benefit Comparison (MS Excel)

Testing your Medical Billing Knowledge

Coordination of Benefits, Medical Billers Need to Know More than Who is Primary!

Does a Business Associates Agreement make you HIPAA Compliant?

Your Medical Billing System or Mine? Insight Into a Different Business Model for the Medical Billing Company

Diversify your Medical Billing Services with Value Added Consulting Services

Remote Work vs. Business Ownership, Pro's and Con's.

Medical Billing Business and How to Price your Services

Sample Contracts and Why They are a Bad Idea!

Medical Billers Blog




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