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PMRNC was founded in April of 2001. PMRNC is owned and operated by Linda Walker who has almost 30 years in the health insurance and medical claims industry. Linda started out working as a medical claims examiner for three of the top five health insurance carriers back in the late 1980's. In 1997 she started her own medical billing company called Healthcare Revenue Services (HRS). Since 2001 she has been providing resources and helping others learn the medical billing business. Her experience for working on the "other side" has allowed her the unique experience to help both physicians and medical billers learn the secrets behind healthcare reimbursement. That experience also help her create such a rapid-growing community of resources for medical billers.

Merry Schiff, is PMRNC's Director of Education. Merry brings over 40 years of experience in medical billing and practice management consulting to the PMRNC team. Merry is an innovator in a business that started out completely paper and grew her business through the new age of electronic claims and in all of that time has continued to educate medical billers all over the country. Merry also has experience in authoring a text book for medical billing through Pearson Publishing. She has also taught online medical billing classes through one of the largest online universities.



The PMRNC team remains dedicated to ensuring the best possible resources, educational products, credentialing and networking for medical billers. Our goal is to bring medical billers together and provide the best and most ethical support to the medical billing industry. Whether you want to start your own medical billing company, make a career change, or you have been in the medical billing business for years, you will not find a better resource or organization!  Check out our members benefit page!

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