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In today's economy we know what you are thinking...might it be too risky to start a business or even entertain the idea of a change in careers? Is there still a market within the medical billing and practice management industry? With healthcare in such a mess in this country is there really a need for medical billers anymore?  The answer is YES. While it can always be risky to start any business,  it can also be risky to start a new career. If you have seen ad's on TV, internet or social media sites, with educational clearinghouse and diploma mill schools that are claiming to teach medical billing, certify medical billers, and telling you that you can "work at home, or work remotely", please, just take the time to visit our site, and read through our articles, so that you can truly evaluate the industry before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Medical Billing Blog


Today's healthcare providers are looking to increase their cash-flow, now, more than ever, and a good medical biller or practice manager could be just what a healthcare practice needs in this hurting economy. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the healthcare industry has become an even more confusing place. Physicians are very unsure of where the future of their practices are going. Qualified Medical Billing experts are hard to find. Medical billing positions are not being replaced with the new technology of Electronic Health Records, in fact, it's quite the opposite.



Now more than ever qualified medical billing experts are needed to ensure proper entry into the systems that not only store the data but go to the carriers for payment so the provider can of course, MAKE MONEY.


FACT: healthcare is the second most heavily regulated industry next to banking. A good medical billing expert can be the most crucial part to any medical practice



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If you have experience and/or have take a medical billing course and want to test your knowledge, click the "Test your Knowledge" button above and take our free quiz on payments and adjustments and the Basics of HIPAA. The data used for these quizzes helps us develop proper continued educational tools and resources in our members only learning center. Members have access to more in-depth quizzes along with the resources to learn!



We have been working with new and experienced medical billers since 2000. PMRNC's owner has over 25 years in the health insurance industry and has worked as both a claims specialist for insurance carriers as well as owned and operated her own successful medical billing and consulting business. PMRNC has been, and remains, the top resource and networking community for medical billers with over 8000 subscribers and growing. We continue to strive towards maintaining a one-stop resource for all your needs in this industry. Our subscriber area is updated almost daily and we keep you informed of all important updates and news. We keep our subscription fee low and affordable and also have various subscription options available.


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Take a look at our subscriber benefits, and our  FAQ area. We have resources for the new medical biller, the start up medical billing company,  as well as the experienced medical billers and existing medical billers and practice management consultants! Our annual subscription fee is lower than most associations fees and we offer many of the same things and MORE!  In addition to resources we have several avenues of networking available! Subscribers also receive a free listing in our very highly marketed website at

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Medical Billing Blog



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